From the bench

From the benchIssue 08-17

From The Bench: August 2017

  1. Howdy! We’ve got a fun line up for you this month. We would give you a run down of the highlights, but honestly, you should just flip through every page—because it’s all worth reading. To improve your experience, we made a few changes to our layout this issue. What do you think? We’d love to hear your feedback. Shoot us an email at
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From the bench

Say Hello To Bob the Robot

Bob Channels John Cusack In “Say Anything.” Artwork By Aurailieus Artist.

Bob the Robot is a creation of St. Pete artist “Aurailieus Artist.” Bob has humble beginnings as a cardboard robot – tethered together by duct tape, glue and some metal wiring, mass produced as part of a robotic army set to adorn the halls of the first ever St.Pete Robot Exchange (an annual event in St. Pete to appease our robotic overlords). After a long night of drinking whiskey, and a rice megatron malfunction, the robot became self aware.

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From the benchIssue 06-17

From the Bench: June 2017

St Pete Pride Parade

Show Your Love

LGBT Pride Month is happening now! Which means there’s a lot to celebrate. Whether you identify as L, G, B, T or an ally; this is a time for parades, remembrance, love, and support. St. Pete Pride is the first event in Florida to include a TransPride March in its parade this year. Steps like this, to make communities more inclusive, are what the world needs right now. We hope to see you at the parade dancing, singing—doing whatever makes your heart happy. Above all, show your love. Visit for more information.

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