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Make Spring Cleaning Profitable with Sound Exchange

Sound Exchange - Buy Sell Trade CDs, DVDs, LPs, Video Games, Books, and Stereo Equipment

Do you have stacks of unwanted CDs taking up valuable storage space? Maybe a classic record player or bulky 8 track recorder that’s too outdated to use, but too vintage to throw away? Instead of junking your old media and equipment, give it new life with the help of Sound Exchange. A fixture in the local music scene since the late ‘80s, Sound Exchange has served as the home to virtually every form of entertainment for nearly three decades.

And they do carry just about everything. The store’s main selection is filled with every genre of music, no matter how niche, on mediums including vinyl records, cassettes and CDs. Alongside an expansive selection of movies and media-related collectibles, a recently expanded inventory of literature and comic books lines the store’s shelves. Sound Exchange is also known for vintage stereo equipment, which they buy, sell and repair.

Sound Exchange Classic Stereo Equipment: Buy, Sell, Repair
Sound Exchange Classic Stereo Equipment: Buy, Sell, Repair

With an inventory ranging from turntables to action flicks to collectible figurines, most any form of media can be brought in for quick money or an upgrade. “Sometimes people trade in the old for the new, and sometimes they just walk out with cash,” said Erin Stoy, Marketing Director for Sound Exchange. This constant flow of vintage sound equipment and classic media means their locations in Pinellas Park, Brandon and Tampa consistently have new entertaining additions. “We always have a fresh selection for customers, they can come in several times a week and find new interesting things.” she continued.

Buying and selling used means the store is a collector’s dream. Over its many years of operation, Sound Exchange has purchased and traded innumerable out-of-print or unusual goods. Why trust a faceless online vendor with your collection of rare comics when the friendly, knowledgeable staff of Sound Exchange is a short drive away? Years of trading experience means any media or audio equipment, no matter how unique, will be given a fair price and a new home.

Sound Exchange
Sound Exchange

In fact, some of the people handling and repairing your gear have been doing so for decades. “We have faces that have been on staff for 20 plus years,” shared Stoy, “and in that time they develop relationships with the customers.”. Casual audiophiles, part-time film buffs and occasional bookworms have just as much reason to stop by and drop off old media as the hardcore fans, thanks to such an engaged staff. “They really get to know you and what you’re interested in.” she continued.

When that ancient reel-to- reel tape deck is traded in, it becomes more than just obsolete tech. Instead, the dedicated crew at Sound Exchange repair it back to full working order and add it to the rows of history that fill the shop. Aisles of literature, film, music and gear contribute to a unique feel that fills Sound Exchange: “There’s a vibe in a record store that’s just not present online,” said Stoy, “A lot of our customers enjoy coming in, talking to staff, and browsing.”. Their specialization in classic audio equipment also transforms the store into a walk down memory lane for older generations who come in to reminisce. “We have some regulars who go straight for the vintage section, it has a real nostalgia and connection for them.” Stoy stated.

While each branch of Sound Exchange in Pinellas Park, Bradenton and Tampa each have their own unique feel and specialization, any one would be more than willing to give you a good value for used gear or media. Whether it’s time to clean out the out the old record collection, sell off that growing stack of blu-rays or find a new home for your first guitar amp, Sound Exchange will put up a fair price or credit towards an upgrade, all while honoring its legacy. “Formats never really die for us,” said Stoy, “we try to keep that spirit alive.”

Sound Exchange in Pinellas Park is located at 7688 49th St North, and can be reached at (727) 545-0042; Tampa is located at 14246 N. Nebraska Ave. (813) 978- 9316; and Brandon at 805 W. Bloomingdale Ave. (813) 651- 9316.

For more information please visit their website at www. or their Facebook page at

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