Boyd Hill Nature Preserve: A Connection to Old Florida

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

You may have a hard time remembering you are still in St. Petersburg. Smack dab in the middle of the city, nestled along the western shores of Lake Maggiore is a remnant of Florida’s natural terrain. Boyd Hill Nature Preserve is 245 acres of protected land that serves as a vibrantly diverse “Central Park” to our great Sunshine City. Standing on the boardwalk, facing the lake, adolescent alligators sunbathe in the foreground, while the Trop and the St. Petersburg skyline peak over the trees in the distance. It’s a surreal feeling, but also calming and only fitting that such a colorful city would have such unique park as its centerpiece.

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Allendale TerraceHistoryIssue 05-17

Building a Neighborhood: Allendale Terrace

Allendale Terrace - 3650 Foster Hill
Allendale Terrace - 3601 9th St N
Allendale Terrace - 3600 9th 2
Allendale Terrace - 3405 9th
Allendale Terrace - 1020 41st
Allendale Terrace - 945 40th
Allendale Terrace - 944 39th
Allendale Terrace - Elevation trees

I have often driven the brick streets of Allendale Terrace. The first things I notice when approaching this neighborhood are the majestic oak trees shading the area’s streets and homes. One can’t help but marvel at the stately old homes, many of which were built in the 1920s and 1930s. Due to my inborn interest in the history of St. Petersburg, I wondered about the history of Allendale Terrace. I’m really becoming friendly with the folks at our local library.

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Issue 04-17

Weedon Island

Weedon Island

Dense mangroves surrounded me as I paddled along the quiet lagoons and mangrove islands of St. Petersburg’s Weedon Island Preserve in a rented canoe. Lost from the everyday world, I enjoyed the solitude.

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