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Blue Cypress Payroll Services: Homegrown Solutions for St. Pete Businesses

From left to right: Sydney Wade, Keevy McAlavy, Marcile Powers by Kelly Nash Photography

St. Petersburg is known for its wealth of local businesses and independent startups, all of which contribute to the unique flavor that the city provides. With the incredible growth the Burg has experienced in the past few years, many homegrown businesses are looking for a local solution to help them manage their payroll and other important business processes. The minds behind Blue Cypress Payroll Services address this problem by providing the tools needed for St. Pete businesses to thrive. Blue Cypress is a locally based, family-run payroll management company that offers unique and flexible software built to adapt and grow with up-and-coming clients, as well as established ones.

Despite their title of “Payroll Services”, Blue Cypress is well equipped to handle a wide range of management hassles. Their software manages all employer reporting requirements, along with health and benefit plan administration. It contains multiple employee management tools and is customizable to any unique business model it may face. Every facet of Blue Cypress is built for St. Pete, as their personable customer interactions and careful adherence to state payroll law make for simple, reliable and professional management solutions for local businesses.

Blue Cypress is comprised of three professionals with over four decades of payroll and human resources experience between them. Marcile Powers handles the day-to-day communications and maintains Blue Cypress’ social media presence. With more than 20 years of experience in bookkeeping and payroll management, Sydney Wade is the company’s account specialist, who works personally with clients. Lastly, Keevy McAlavy, a graduate of the University of South Florida, is the custom software developer for Blue Cypress. The unique programming that lies at the heart of Blue Cypress’ software solutions came about after witnessing the pains caused by inefficient payroll providers firsthand. “I learned from the problems I saw in other services, and fixed them in my software,” McAlavy explained.

Orion, the son of Keevy McAlavy and Marcile Powers by Kelly Nash Photography
Orion, the son of Keevy McAlavy and Marcile Powers
by Kelly Nash Photography

McAlavy intends to keep his company here in St. Pete, thanks to both his education and his role as a loving father and husband to Powers and their son, Orion. Blue Cypress is based out of Kenwood, with plans to expand further into western Florida, and is dedicated to keeping their abilities tailor-made for communities like St. Pete. By doing so, McAlavy and his team are able to contribute to the community by supporting the businesses that define it, while allowing the payroll service to stay personal.

Companies that provide these types of business management services often feel cold and uncaring, due to their sheer size, which makes them unable to engage with customers on an individual scale. McAlavy kept this in mind when designing Blue Cypress. He said, “With other companies, you would call up and either get a different person each time or an automated message, which is a problem.”

By focusing on clients in western Florida, Blue Cypress has the ability to stay personable and friendly, pairing clients with a representative who is familiar with the client’s unique business and problems. This makes for a tight-knit, interactive business community in which startups can succeed.

Blue Cypress is a payroll provider made by St. Petersburg, and for St. Petersburg. Providing clients both small and experienced with a personalized means of managing their employees with advanced technology is beneficial for nurturing local development, as well as maintaining our city’s unique culture and vibe. With a conscious motivation to provide the best service possible to the Bay Area, Blue Cypress is well on track to becoming a key player in fostering the St. Pete local business scene. “Blue Cypress is about keeping money and jobs in the community.” McAlavy stated.

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