About the community

Your source for uplifting community stories in St Petersburg, Green Bench Monthly is a full-color magazine direct-mailed monthly to more than 15,000 homes and dropped off at dozens of businesses in the Northeast area. Featuring positive stories about residents, local businesses, city-growth, history, events and much more.

Green Bench Monthly is named after the iconic Green Benches that lined the streets of St. Petersburg in the early 1900s. These benches served as a gathering place for residents and tourists, symbolizing community and welcomeness. Much like the originals, Green Bench Monthly offers a resting place for residents to meet, share, and become informed about what’s going on in the St Petersburg community.

Locally owned and published

Tony & Ashley Sica
Tony & Ashley Sica Publishers of Green Bench Monthly

Tony and Ashley Sica are a husband and wife team with over 15 years of combined experience in the publishing industry. Long time Tampa area residents, they decided to make the leap across the Bay in 2014. After looking all over St. Pete for a home, Tony and Ashley purchased (and will forever be renovating) a 1928 bungalow in the Magnolia Heights neighborhood. Confident they have found their “forever” city, they both look forward to living and publishing in the “city of green benches” for a long time to come.

Green friendly press

Like the rest of St. Pete’s residents, Green Bench Monthly enjoys the beautiful green space that lines our city and the entire planet. So they partnered with a local printer that holds these same values. As a result, they print with soy-based inks that not only produce a higher quality image but are also non-hazardous and easier to remove during the recycling process.

FSC, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and PEFC certified.

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