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Show Off Your Home in High Definition with HD Showings

Photo by HDShowings.com — Architectural Photography (15515 Redington)

Selling a home effectively in the information age means employing a variety of digital media options to get buyers’ attention. More than likely, a prospect’s first impression will be through a computer or smartphone. St. Petersburg is a national travel destination, and eyes from all over the world are searching online for their next short-term or long-term rental, or permanent living space. HD Showings (HDS) has been professionally marketing homes right here in Florida for nine years, and offers all of the latest technologies to do it right!

Photo by HD Showings — Architectural Photography (15515 Redington)
Photo by HD Showings — Architectural Photography (15515 Redington)

Owners Chris and Amy Kellison have been in marketing since they met in the year 2000. They have held real estate licensing in Texas and Florida, and both come from a family of entrepreneurs and agents. This thorough understanding of the ins and outs of real estate—and business in general—gives HDS the ability to set the minds of agents and homeowners at ease.

The two most often ordered services are photography and a virtual tour. Professional photos instantly differentiate your listing from the masses. Despite the advances of smartphone cameras, there is so much you can do with proper gear and an eye for architectural photography. All of the photographers at HDS use wide-angle L-class lenses and full-frame DSLRs (digital single-lens reflex cameras) to show the maximum amount of space possible without distortion. The images are then meticulously finished by tweaking the color balance, luminance and architectural lines. A virtual tour (which is essentially a mini-website) is then created to display all of the photos of the home, set to music, along with additional property information and contact details for the interested buyer.

Photo by HDShowings.com — Architectural Photography
Photo by HDShowings.com — Architectural Photography

The term “virtual tour” can also mean other things; it has morphed over time. Originally it connoted an interactive environment that allows the user to virtually look around in full 360-degree views from different vantage points. You may have seen these in the past or more recently on Google Street View and Facebook. Today these types of views would more likely be called panoramas. It can be essential in helping the viewer understand how the different rooms are linked together and get a feel for the spatial proportions. HD Showings offers these panoramas and adds them to the virtual tour on an a la carte basis; they have for many years. However, they also offer something much much cooler these days!

Photo by HDShowings.com — Architectural Photography
Photo by HDShowings.com — Architectural Photography

The Matterport 3D Scan technology captures stunningly accurate walkthrough tours for listings. This is cutting-edge technology, which can show an entire floor plan in 3D and allow the user to navigate the home in this space. A viewer can seamlessly walk through a home and observe the intricate details of each room. Matterport technology is compatible with all devices, including virtual reality (VR) gear. According to Forbes, it is the future of real estate marketing.

HD Showings offers a variety of different products, and their team is capable and trained to do about anything you need to market a home effectively in the 21st century. We already went over Photography, Virtual Tours, and the Matterport 3D Scan. Here is a quick breakdown of some of their other offerings:

Elevated Photography offers a distinctly different vantage point for the front shot of the home, and can be taken from up to 15 feet. This is ground-based photography using DSLRs, resulting in exceptional quality imagery from the ideal height to show a building from its absolute best angle. This option is very popular with builders.

Aerial Photography is an excellent way to show homes with views near the water, conservation, golf courses, new developments, large parcels of land, estate homes and other local attractions—making your listing stand out from hundreds of competitors!

Community Photos can be added to show off local beaches, docks, parks, and community amenities, giving the potential buyer a sense of what type of lifestyle the location offers.

Twilight Photography produces beautiful, jeweltoned skies and windows lit with a warm glow. This option is excellent for capturing the attention of online browsers, as it provides distinctly different looks for the front of the home that are very eye-catching.

Video of a home or building allows HDS to artistically capture the space in a movie-like format. This can be a breath of fresh air for a viewer bored of looking at static images, and in a way other formats cannot match. It also allows one to take advantage of Youtube, the world’s second most used search engine (next to Google, of course).

Photo by HD Showings — Architectural Photography (15515 Redington)
Photo by HD Showings — Architectural Photography (15515 Redington)

HDS has five dedicated photographers in the Tampa Bay Area, including Tony, the company’s dedicated Pinellas County photographer. Tony has been with HDS for three years, and was the first photographer the company hired as they expanded. HD Showings also has photographers in most other large Florida cities, including Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach and Sarasota. Prices start at $100 and for the month of April, mention “Green Bench Monthly” for 25 percent off your order! For more information about HD Showings, visit www.hdshowings.com or call (813) 468-3000.

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