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Spreading Love & Community, One Sandwich At A Time

Sandwiches taste better when they’re made with love, right? If that’s the case, you won’t find a tastier PB&J sandwich in Saint Petersburg than PB & Jelly Deli’s. The crew of Radius Church partnered with Meg, a local dietitian, and premiered their new food truck at Localtopia this month, taking their vision and delectable sandwiches to the community.

PB&J Deli Menu
PB&J Deli Menu

There’s a message behind their sandwich making: share some love. Jelly Deli’s PB&J sandwiches are made with scratch and local ingredients (such as homemade peanut butter and Mazzaro’s bread) and come in brown paper bags, like Mom would make for school. Maybe the best part of it all is the uplifting note inside each sandwich bag, just a little something extra to spread some happiness.

PB & Jelly Deli services up each sandwich with a little note to make your day that much better
PB & Jelly Deli services up each sandwich with a little note to make your day that much better

Tangible love in the community is what Radius Church is all about. They aim to build relationships and encourage others to participate by giving back. Radius Church believes in authentic relationships and positive growth. Their goal is to give to the local Saint Pete community by being the agent for the community to love itself.

At the end of Radius services, attendees are provided ingredients to build sandwiches to give to others who need a kind, helpful gesture. When it became clear the sandwiches were making an impact on the congregation they thought, How can we make this dream bigger? The answer was to take their vision to the community with the PB & Jelly Deli food truck at Localtopia. Radius has a model: for every sandwich they sell, they’ll donate another sandwich back to the community, keeping the love going.

PB & Jelly Deli sold more than 200 sandwiches at Localtopia!!
PB & Jelly Deli sold more than 200 sandwiches at their Localtopia debut!!

And there’s a lot to love about the not-your-average PB&J sandwiches they bring to the table. With recipes headed up by Meg (RootForFood.net), the PB & Jelly Deli truck offered sweet and savory options at Localtopia in addition to the build-your-own sandwich route. Their Happy Apple sandwich featured salted caramel peanut butter, green apple slices and apple butter. The Cherry Bomb hit the spot with chocolate almond butter, cherry spread and marshmallow fluff. And for those that craved something not so sweet, PB & Jelly Deli created the Saint Pete Savory: savory cashew butter, fig jelly, sprouts, avocado, and a little Frank’s RedHot sauce.

Savory Sandwich - Photo credit: @pbjellydeli Instagram
Savory Sandwich – Photo credit: @pbjellydeli Instagram

These tasty sandwiches proved to be an unbelievable success. They managed to sell more than 200 of them at Localtopia! Radius says some of the proceeds will go to local food organizations, but the team has plans to hand out sandwiches directly to those in need as well.

If you’d like to get to know Radius Church, you can visit their website at RadChurch.com. There you can find service times and read more about the church, its message, and how they give back to the community. You can find PB & Jelly Deli on Instagram and Twitter (pbjellydeli), and now you can keep an eye out for their food truck at community events! When you see it, don’t skip out on the chance to support the community while enjoying the best PB&J sandwich around town.

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