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St. Pete Dance: Begin Your Dance Journey Today

Get your dancing shoes on, St. Petersburg! There’s a new dance studio in town and they want to teach you some new moves.

St. Pete Dance is a dream turned into reality for Michael Raisch and Michael Housel. The two have been friends for 25 years, and not only do they share a passion for dance, but they have both spent many years in competitive dance and coaching.

Locally Owned & Operated

Michael Raisch lives in Historic Kenwood with his two dogs, Maggie and Max, and his cat, Sylvester. He has been a St. Petersburg resident for 14 years and enjoys being active in the community. He was previously a member of the chamber of commerce in Safety Harbor. After traveling for years as a competitive dance coach, he says he is ready to stay put.

Michael Housel resides in St. Pete with his wife, Monique, their three children and their dog, Cha Cha. Michael started dancing when he was 11 years old and hasn’t stopped since. He has pursued dancing throughout his career, and formerly owned a studio in West Palm Beach.

Both Michaels love the sense of community here in St. Pete, and are excited for St. Pete Dance to become part of the everyday lives of the people who live here. They want to open their studio doors to the surrounding neighborhood for block parties, fundraisers and private events.

Learn From the Pros

With multiple titles and championships under their belts, they are ready to pass on their knowledge and love of dance, to anyone wishing to learn. Their motto is, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

At St. Pete Dance they provide one-on-one, private lessons by appointment. If you don’t have a partner, don’t worry, they will match you with an instructor. They offer a wide variety of popular dance styles, such as ballroom, Latin and country, just to name a few.

“It’s not just about dancing; there are so many more benefits,” said Michael Raisch. He says that dancing opens up a world of self confidence and stress relief, not to mention being a fun way to get some exercise. Yes, you heard right, dance plus fun equals exercise!

Michael Raisch Practicing with a Student at St. Pete Dance Studio. Photos by Kelly Nash Photography.
Michael Raisch Practicing with a Student at St. Pete Dance Studio. Photos by Kelly Nash Photography.

Lose Weight, Too!

Michael Housel recounts how a former client lost 110 pounds with dance as her primary means of exercise. He also noted that learning the rhythmic patterns challenges the brain and aids in memory function. Plus, “It just feels great!” Once you walk into the studio, the stresses of the day just start to fade away. All you have to do is show up in a comfortable pair of shoes with a willingness to learn, and they will guide you through the rest.

For those of you out there who are looking to spice up your date nights, or even just start having date nights, here is your chance. In dance, you have the opportunity to make personal, coordinated connections with your partner, without the distractions of the outside world. Not to mention, what an awesome way to show off at the next big event you attend. No more sitting on the sidelines for you!

At St. Pete Dance, they encourage all experience levels to join in on the fun. They are willing and well prepared to teach any style you are interested in learning. You will continue to improve with every step, and the excitement in the studio is contagious. It will make you want to step into your dancing shoes and never look back.

Two Lessons For $39!!!

There is no better time than now to begin your dance journey, as they are offering an introductory special of two lessons for only $39. So don’t wait—it’s just like they say. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

You will find St. Pete Dance at 3138 3rd Ave N., St. Petersburg 33713. For more information call (727) 280-6962 or email or visit

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