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Business is Heating Up for Gregory Air

By Kelly Nash Photography.
By Kelly Nash Photography.

Gregory Mathis, owner and operator of Gregory Air, is proud to be a St. Petersburg native. He grew up here in the ‘Burg and knew he wanted to live here for the rest of his life. There really isn’t anywhere else he’d rather be.

That’s not only because it’s a beautiful city, but also because of the people who live here. Mathis knows that St. Pete’s residents make it a great, close-knit community, and he would also like to express his sincere gratitude for their support of Gregory Air.

Gregory Mathis, owner and operator of Gregory Air, is thankful for the support his business has received from our community Photos by Kelly Nash Photography
Gregory Mathis, owner and operator of Gregory Air, is thankful for the support his business has received from our community. Photo by Kelly Nash Photography.

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to the awesome people of St. Petersburg for making 2017 a great year and helping grow Gregory Air Conditioning Services,” he said. “Both my biggest challenge and accomplishment has been growing my business, but the people of St. Pete have helped make my company successful. I look forward to continuing to grow, and to continue serving and helping to provide comfort to St Petersburg for many years to come.”

Keeping the Neighbors Cool

Gregory Air by Kelly Nash Photography
Gregory Air by Kelly Nash Photography

Mathis has been in the air conditioning business for almost 20 years. He has been honing his skills since 1998, working for a bigger corporation, before starting his own company in June of 2016. Since then, Gregory Air has been growing consistently, providing affordable HVAC options that not only benefit the consumer, but also the environment.

That was partly why Mathis wanted to break out on his own and start his own business—he cares about his community, his neighbors, and wants to make sure they have access to the best air conditioning services at an affordable price. That even means prompt service during the summer months! Despite Mathis’ busy schedule, he visits each customer and does the installations and repairs all on his own.
“I decided to start my own company because I felt that I could do it better than the other companies in the area, and I wanted to give back to the community,” Mathis said.

Gregory Air by Kelly Nash Photography
Gregory Air by Kelly Nash Photography

Keeping the Planet Green

Gregory Air specializes in all aspects of residential HVAC, including service, preventive maintenance and installation, with a special focus on providing environmentally conscious products and services.

HVAC systems can have a big impact on the environment, and Mathis wants the systems he maintains to have a positive one. Plus, typically, the more positive the impact on the environment, the lower the homeowner’s electric bill.

Nearly half of the energy used in a home goes toward heating or cooling it, depending on the season (but here in Florida, it’s definitely going towards cooling, more often than not). Mathis actually specializes in installing a ductless HVAC system that helps to positively impact the environment and save his customers money on their electric bills.

Some customers are hesitant to install one of these systems at first, because they look so different. “They look very similar to hotel air conditioners, but they are not loud, and don’t have ducts,” Mathis explained. “People don’t necessarily like how they look, but they’re so much more efficient, they’re a no-brainer.”

How this system works is each room has its own A/C controller, with one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. With each room having its own controller, homeowners can customize the temperature of the rooms they are using versus rooms that are empty. With the duct systems, if you keep lowering the temperature, the system has to keep working to keep the entire house at that temperature. However, the ductless system uses different technology to regulate each room, so it’s much more efficient.

By Kelly Nash Photography.
Gregory Air brand ambassador, Olive. By Kelly Nash Photography.

Mathis admits there is an initial investment required to install one of these systems. “But it’s worth it due to the amount of money people will save on all future electric bills, not to mention the greener environmental impact,” he said.

Mathis said that when looking at HVAC equipment, look into its SEER rating, or Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio. SEER ratings typically range from 13 to 24, with the highest numbers being the most energy-efficient systems. Mathis’ ductless system provides a SEER rating of 22. Since specializing in and promoting this system, unsurprisingly, his equipment sales and installations have increased by 80 percent. This type of unit typically takes a day to install, depending on the specific needs of the customer, and he’s installed ten within the past six months.

Mathis says he hopes to help make as many homes and businesses more comfortable and “greener” in any way that he can.
“Every single one of my customers’ satisfaction is my highest priority,” he said.

Winter is a great time to schedule a system check with Gregory Air! Contact Gregory Mathis at or 727-723-5851. Visit his website at

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