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Green Bench Monthly’s St. Pete Brewery Tour

Well, it’s that time of year again. Fall-flavored everything stacks up in stores, restaurants and breweries alike, and the weather adjusts to bearable. Green Bench Monthly decided to celebrate the change in seasons by creating a local beer tour for our readers, so you, too, can take a walk and taste what’s brewing in St. Petersburg this season.

Cycle Brewing (534 Central Ave.)

Cycle Brewing
Cycle Brewing

We start the tour at Cycle Brewing, which offers both an outdoor garage atmosphere and a dark-corner-in-a-bar feel. One side of the brewery is flanked with built-in nooks and the other leads you through a garage door to the street. It isn’t lavish, but that’s not the point. The point is to brew some seriously good beer. Try their Cream and Sugar, Please Porter or their most popular IPA, Crank.

Fall flavor: Das Rad Oktoberfest.

Can’t stop thinking about: The impressive selection of IPAs.

St. Pete Brewing Company (544 1st Ave. N.—.2 miles from Cycle)

Next, a short walk around the block gets you to St. Pete Brewing Company. It’s another garage-style space with a rollup door, but with a completely different feel. The beer is brewed in the back and there are a few old-school gaming systems separating the beer from the bar. Games are scattered throughout if you want to take it easy. If, instead, you want to brush up on your beer-related knowledge, ask for Neil.

Fall flavor: Drop Dead ‘Gourd’eous Pumpkin Ale.

Can’t stop thinking about: Throat Punch D.I.P.A.—Fun to say and a joy to drink.

Green Bench Brewing Company (1133 Baum Ave. N.—.6 miles from St Pete Brewing Company)

Green Bench Brewing Company
Green Bench Brewing Company

It’s a bit of a walk to the next stop. From those who brought you the beers Push It and Purple Rain, Green Bench Brewery isn’t one to miss…and we aren’t just saying that because we share a non-affiliated name. Sit inside for a view of their exquisite brew room. At night, if you are lucky—and I hope you are— they might even have their fire pit going outside.

Fall flavor: They serve Belgian-style beers, and because Belgians don’t necessarily brew beers for specific seasons, neither do they.

Can’t stop thinking about: The fire pit. I’m not giving up yet.

Avid Brewing and Growing Supplies (1745 1st Ave. S.—.5 miles from Green Bench)

Another long walk brings you to Avid. You wouldn’t think it had working taps hidden behind the brewing and hydroponic growing supplies, but you’d be wrong. Avid has just broken ground out back for a full brewery and event space, but for now you can enjoy the hybrid feel of a supply store blended with a tiny tasting room and brewing kitchen. They currently have four rotating fermentations—one even brewed by their fermentation class. To get in on the brewing class on Jan. 7, talk to Connor.

Fall flavor: Take it easy. They only have four brews at the moment! Given their style, though, when the backyard brewery is complete, I bet their fall flavor will incorporate a Florida fall fruit.

Can’t stop thinking about: The fact that you can casually purchase a hydrometer on the way out.

Pinellas Ale Works (PAW) (1962 1st Ave. S.—.2 miles from Avid Brewing Supplies)

Pinellas Ale Works
Pinellas Ale Works

A short jaunt from Avid gets you to PAW. Every beer is dog themed, and the bar is incredibly pooch friendly. PAW is another brewery with big plans. The lot has three buildings, and they have hopes of turning one of those into a restaurant. Until then, we can enjoy their beer and their Wednesday night trivia from 7pm-9pm.

Fall flavor: Pawtoberfest.

Can’t stop thinking about: Smoke Dog. It’s intense and intriguing and, for now, they are still testing out different wood types.

Cage Brewery (2001 1st Ave. S.—catty-corner from PAW)

Ready to have more fun? Walk across the street and one block over to Cage. Their beers are as playful as the space they occupy. Find out by trying the Mango Bob’s IPA. We did! Cage is also filled to the brim with events. Try their Monday Open Mic Night from 7pm-11pm or the puppet-making workshop by Box of Bad Jokes on Oct. 23 from 1pm-3pm.

Fall flavors: Uncle Fester Oktoberfest and Cousin IT Pumpkin Ale.

Can’t stop thinking about: The literal cage they keep all of their supplies behind.

3 Daughters Brewing (222 2nd Ave. S.—.2 miles from Cage)

3 Daughters Brewing
3 Daughters Brewing

The third stop in St. Pete’s ‘beer’muda triangle lands us at 3 Daughters Brewing— another staple of the town. This big, beautiful warehouse has everything, including a tasting lab, several game rooms, and a stage that sits across from pallet after pallet of 3 Daughters adult canned goodies. Stop by for brews and listen to the Urban Gypsies play on that stage, Oct. 28 from 8pm-11pm.

Fall flavor: Oktoberfest.

Can’t stop thinking about: Coffee Blonde Ale and the entire room filled with ping-pong tables.

Urban Comfort Brewery (2601 Central Ave.—.5 miles from 3 Daughters)

If you’ve made it this far on the beer tour, celebrate with one last cold brew and some downright southern scratch cooking. They are proud to be downtown St. Petersburg’s only current restaurant and brewery. The former gas station has indoor and outdoor seating, where you can enjoy a plate of meatloaf with your 1516 Dark Lager, or take your pint over to their shuffleboard courts.

Fall flavor: Nothing yet, but don’t fret. Brewmaster Franz has some good stuff in the works.

Can’t stop thinking about: Their Georgia O’Keefe Imperial Stout.

In all, it’s an ambitious journey. For a shorter version, start at Green Bench, head to Avid, then make the short journey to PAW and Cage. If you feel like you have a bit more in you, end at 3 Daughters. Just note that Avid closes at 6pm right now, so plan accordingly. If you feel inspired, take the journey and send us photos of your beer tour!

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