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Monika’s Cleaning Service Cleans Your Home the German Way

Bill and Monika Turner clean over thirty homes in Magnolia Heights, Old Northeast, Snell Isle, and Woodlawn

Community, honesty, and top-notch cleaning are the focus of Monika’s Cleaning, a local home-cleaning service here in Saint Petersburg. When Monika and Bill started their business a few years back they had just six customers. It went mouth to mouth, from neighbors to friends, before Monika’s Cleaning took off in Saint Petersburg. Now Monika and Bill clean over thirty houses in Magnolia Heights, Old Northeast, Snell Isle, and Woodlawn. They even have a client as far as Palm Harbor! Because they keep their cleaning business fairly local, they can do three or four jobs a day, sometimes cleaning multiple houses on the same street.

Monika and her husband Bill tackle cleaning projects together to finish in an effective, timely manner. Their business has grown over the years thanks to their unique and first-rate principles.

Monika's Cleaning Services the Northeast and Downtown St Pete Areas
Monika’s Cleaning Services the Northeast and Downtown St Pete Areas

Monika and Bill are fair and are never interrupted in their duties by a phone call or text. Business hours are for cleaning, and you can expect a callback sometime outside of the 9-5 schedule. Monika uses her German roots to clean “the German way,” she tells me, which is more thorough and simple. She uses a mop and towels, not Swiffers (basically moving “dirt from the left side to the right,” she says). Monika and Bill ask right away if anyone is allergic to a certain chemical or cleaner and provide options for “green” products, if preferred by the client.

Monika is avid about not cheating her customers. If a two hour jobs only ends up taking an hour and a half, Monika will be the first to let you know. She treats her customers like family and this hospitality and authenticity are what truly separate her cleaning business from the rest.

Community is very important to Monika and Bill in more ways than one. When they aren’t working, Monika is a director on the board of the German American Society in Pinellas Park, and Bill is the treasurer for the Neighborhood Association of Magnolia Heights.

You can reach Monika’s Cleaning at 727-645-7092 anytime, but you’ll need to call outside of 9-5 business hours to talk to them in person. Otherwise, just leave a message giving a little detail about your cleaning project. Don’t be surprised if you make a new friend or two because of it!

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