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Issue 02-17

MLK Day – A Day On, Not A Day Off

Volunteers working together to build a food forest to train veteran farmers

For many, Martin Luther King Day is a day free from the worries of work. It is celebrated on a second Sunday, and featured as a day of rest. However, for others, it is a day of service. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Day of Service Project inspires “A Day On, Not A Day Off,” and this is what it has been for much of my life. I must confess that I am not a native of St. Pete. I grew up in Atlanta where MLK Jr. raised a family and leveraged and launched his civil rights platform and movement. In school, we meticulously arranged our day weeks in advance to honor his message of service to community. In high school, we had the privilege of hearing MLK III speak to our student body. In fact, my first published article in the school newspaper recounted an interview I conducted with MLK III. This inspired my love for volunteerism and my dedication to promoting social justice.

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