Issue 01-17

ArtGreater WoodlawnIssue 01-17

Local Artist Spotlight: Nathan Beard

Exit Music #46 (Slowdown) by Nathan Beard

Confluence of Origins is a continuation of local artist, Nathan Beard’s Exit Music series.

In this series, Nathan uses masking tape as a dry resist representing conscious deliberation or will. The serpentine gesture is meant to evoke the march of time and infinity, and is a visual metaphor for the energies at work forming and reforming all we see and experience. His paintings are personal meditations upon interconnectedness, the power derived through transformation and the nature of consciousness.

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Issue 01-17

Think Local First EVERY DAY

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A Guest Editorial by Olga Bof

Did you “shop small” on Small Business Saturday? It’s great if you did, but what about the other 364 days? Our local businesses need your support year-round, not only during the holidays, because they’re not merely exhibits the rest of the year. They’re living, breathing entities with owners who are struggling, just like you and me, to pay bills and put food on the table e-v-e-r-y day. That’s why we all need to “Think Local First” every day.

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HistoryIssue 01-17NeighborhoodRoser Park

Roser Park – Hidden, Hilly & Historic

“Charles” Oak, Roser Park. Photo credit: Beth Reynolds/Morean Arts Center

Have you ever heard of Roser Park or even know where or what it is? I happened upon it one day, quite by accident after making a wrong turn. I had heard it mentioned over the years and figured it was just another one of St. Petersburg’s many neighborhoods. Southbound on Dr. Martin Luther King Street, I made a forced left onto 7th Avenue South when the lane I was in ended, but another vehicle kept me from changing lanes. “Okay,” I thought, “I can just take this down to 4th Street,” but I soon found it didn’t go through. Rather, it turned right onto Roser Park Drive South and crossed 8th Street South.

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BusinessEducationIssue 01-17

Kids Get a Hands-on Education from Real World Experiences at Indi-ED

Kids Get a Hands-on Education from Real World Experiences at Indi-ED. By Kelly Nash Photography.

What if, when you were a kid, there was a school where you were both encouraged and given permission to pursue your individual interests? What if enthusiastic and passionate teachers helped you develop the tools you needed to explore and learn about how that interest works in the real world by taking you to learn from those already in the field and letting you actually do the work yourself?

Christine Laurenzi, founder and director of a new school called Indi-ED in downtown St. Pete, wants that opportunity for today’s kids. She believes that an integral part of education is making real-world connections in tandem with standard education. So, after ten years of teaching in the Pinellas County public school system, last year she decided to open Indi-ED for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade, where kids can learn by doing.

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BusinessIssue 01-17

Monika’s Cleaning Service Cleans Your Home the German Way

Bill and Monika Turner clean over thirty homes in Magnolia Heights, Old Northeast, Snell Isle, and Woodlawn

Community, honesty, and top-notch cleaning are the focus of Monika’s Cleaning, a local home-cleaning service here in Saint Petersburg. When Monika and Bill started their business a few years back they had just six customers. It went mouth to mouth, from neighbors to friends, before Monika’s Cleaning took off in Saint Petersburg. Now Monika and Bill clean over thirty houses in Magnolia Heights, Old Northeast, Snell Isle, and Woodlawn. They even have a client as far as Palm Harbor! Because they keep their cleaning business fairly local, they can do three or four jobs a day, sometimes cleaning multiple houses on the same street.

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