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History Of the Sunshine Skyway

City of St Pete 1 1960

The other day I had an appointment in Bradenton and planned to take I-275 across the Sunshine Skyway. Good plan, but there was a slight impediment. Due to high winds the Skyway was closed, so I had to take the long way around and go through Tampa to US-41, which turned the half-hour trip into two-hour sojourn. Fortunately, by the time I headed home the Skyway was once again open. I marveled at the fortitude of our St. Petersburg residents who had to make this trip in the early days of our communities.

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Tampa Bay Furnishings — Personal, Timeless Design


Your style—that is what Tampa Bay Furnishings is all about. As soon as I walked in, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful and unique pieces displayed in the showroom. I was greeted with warm smiles by Shawn and Sondra Hannan, the proud owners of Tampa Bay Furnishings. Their shop’s concept was born two and a half years ago out of the necessity to fill a void they had themselves experienced in the local home furnishings market, as well as to fulfill Shawn’s passion for woodworking.

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Not for profit

Big Brothers Big Sisters

BB Art LB Freddie by Claire Selius

My Little Brother Logan and I were matched by Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) in 2012 when Logan was 10 and a few years after I had retired. Logan and two cousins were living with their devoted, beloved grandmother JoAnn when we met. They lost JoAnn three years ago, and Logan has shown great resilience since, through three moves and school changes. He finished his first year of high school recently, and fortunately has lived with a committed, caring foster family for the past two years.

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Downtown DevelopmentsHome PageIssue 07-17

Downtown Developments: July 2017

The Vinoy Hotel. Photo credit: City of St Petersburg.

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It seems like each time we take a stroll through downtown there are new restaurants and galleries opening and more apartment complexes and condo towers being built. We realize it’s difficult to keep track of everything. Luckily, we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Each month we will feature a few of the most exciting new downtown developments that are on the horizon for the Sunshine City.

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