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From the Bench: June 2017

St Pete Pride Parade

Show Your Love

LGBT Pride Month is happening now! Which means there’s a lot to celebrate. Whether you identify as L, G, B, T or an ally; this is a time for parades, remembrance, love, and support. St. Pete Pride is the first event in Florida to include a TransPride March in its parade this year. Steps like this, to make communities more inclusive, are what the world needs right now. We hope to see you at the parade dancing, singing—doing whatever makes your heart happy. Above all, show your love. Visit for more information.

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Paying Tribute to Vyrle Davis

In 2013, St. Petersburg High School dedicated the Media Building to Mr. Davis and hung this commemorative plaque in his honor.

Mr. Vyrle Davis was the kind of man teachers learned from. The kind of man who told his students to sit up straight; and everyone listened. The kind of man who told racists, “Bring it on. I’ll be there.” With an undying commitment to enriching the experience of African American students, he did just all this and then some. He touched the lives of everyone he met.

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