EducationHistoryIssue 02-17

St. Pete High School – The Early Years and Lasting Traditions

SPHS Photo Credit: Ebyabe, Wikimedia Commons

Today, St. Petersburg High School is a bustling campus of nearly 2,300 students. It is well known for its stately building, its many peculiar traditions, and the students’ fierce pride and school spirit. The school’s extensive history began with the history of St. Petersburg itself. Though today the city of St. Pete is large and diverse, it was once just a little settlement by a railroad stop, with small a fishing industry.

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BusinessEducationIssue 01-17

Kids Get a Hands-on Education from Real World Experiences at Indi-ED

Kids Get a Hands-on Education from Real World Experiences at Indi-ED. By Kelly Nash Photography.

What if, when you were a kid, there was a school where you were both encouraged and given permission to pursue your individual interests? What if enthusiastic and passionate teachers helped you develop the tools you needed to explore and learn about how that interest works in the real world by taking you to learn from those already in the field and letting you actually do the work yourself?

Christine Laurenzi, founder and director of a new school called Indi-ED in downtown St. Pete, wants that opportunity for today’s kids. She believes that an integral part of education is making real-world connections in tandem with standard education. So, after ten years of teaching in the Pinellas County public school system, last year she decided to open Indi-ED for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade, where kids can learn by doing.

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